Tostada Films



It’s all fun, no fuss with us. We are Tostada Films, an event film company that guarantees professional work and delivery, focusing on producing a video that reflects the excitement and affections of your wedding day. We’ll capture all the  important moments of your ceremony and reception and return them to you to relive with family and friends. The emotions of the day and the  sense of the surroundings will be preserved for the most memorable day of your life. You’ll be able to hear the laughter and voices and watch the tears of joy again and again.

Most importantly, Tostada Films will make this experience enjoyable, fun, and relaxing for you. You and your guests won’t be intimidated with our professional  cinematographers, who will put you and your guests at ease and work behind the scenes.
Our cinematographers have been working together and in the wedding industry for many years and are renowned for their flexibility in working with the bride and groom to meet their needs. They will transmit their energy and passion into your video.

Our main cinematographers Rodrigo Varela and Denis Contreras are experts at filming, editing, and meeting client expectations. Rodrigo is an established Miami  photographer who has been photographing for wedding over twenty years. His photos and videos reveal that he can produce a smile in even the most anxious of guests. We offer a range of videos, from highlight videos to 5-minute videos, and more! Contact us for additional details for your wedding!

make your moment special with us